about the artists

The artists who use science to make beautiful designs

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Sofia Coco Vermeulen

Sofia Coco Vermeulen loves finding ways to merge art and science. As an inquisitive person, she studies the nature of the world around us. As a creative person, making art is an exploration of her own imagination. The inquisitive and creative aspects of Sofia support and fuel each other - much like a symbiosis.



Robin Jamison

While earning my Bachelor's degree at UC Berkeley, Robin Jamison was fortunate to study under accomplished faculty while exploring and expanding my artistic capacity.  The methodical process of screen printing opposed the free and uninhibited versatility of painting - and they both challenged her in unique ways.  It was and still is difficult for Robin to hone in on one medium, though she has always felt at home while drawing. These days, however, Robin's voice is her primary instrument of artistic expression, and her passion.


Eleanor Warner 

Eleanor Warner is a collaborative artist, farmer, and outdoor educator.  She lives and works in New Orleans, where she manages a quarter acre of vegetables and medicinal herbs downtown and leads canoe trips for visitors and students into the wetlands of Southeast Louisiana.  Each season she seeks out at least one larger research and art project to co-create.  Most recently, she completed a table-top, hand-carved watershed model of a mountain's topography for a  Southern California nature center and a glass-mosaic interpretation of a riparian ecosystem for a private residence. Eleanor is currently working on an interpretive fold-up map of a popular bayou paddling route near her home.


Kate Richerson, PhD

postdoc at the University of Washington and the Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Kate Richerson is an interdisciplinary marine scientist and artist.
Her scientific work focuses on the consequences of environmental
variability in marine systems from the Antarctic to the California
Current. She draws artistic inspiration from the weirdness of the
natural world, old scientific illustrations, and folktales. Kate
currently lives in Seattle with her partner and dog.