about the Researchers

The Scientists Behind the Research


Dr. Kabir Peay

Professor of Biology, Stanford University

Research Interests: Plant-fungal interactions

Website: https://mykophile.com


Dr. Judith Bronstein

Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona

Research Interests: How population processes, abiotic conditions and community context determine net effects of the interactions for the fitness of each participant species.

Jim Estes.jpg

Dr. James Estes

Professor of Ecology and Evolution, University of California Santa Cruz

Research Interests: Coastal marine community ecology, particularly the influences of vertebrate consumers on benthic community structure.


Dr. Stacey Philpott 

Professor of Environmental studies, University of California Santa Cruz

Research Interests: Ecology, conservation, and sustainability of agroecosystems. Understanding how ecological processes and interactions in agricultural systems may promote human livelihoods.


Dr. Meg Foley

Director of Global Initiatives and Senior Scientist in Plant Conservation, California Academy of Sciences

Research Interests: The science of canopy ecology. Mapping biodiversity in forest canopies and to champion forest conservation around the world, innovating new research methods and conservation strategies along the way.