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We are quickly loosing species to climate change. The current extinction rate is as much as 10,000 times higher than the natural rate, with an estimated 200 species going extinct every day. Seeking Symbiosis aims to empower citizen artists to design beautiful graphics of species interactions that link to the research that inspired them as a way to educate people about what is happening to the species on our planet and inspire stewardship. At seeking symbiosis we design stylish prints for clothing and accessories of species interactions found in nature, and connect the designs to the research that inspired it. We pair ecological scientist who are top in their field, with great artists who work with the scientists to design the images. Our work also has a strong interdisciplinary education and outreach component as we train students to give talks at festivals and events about the ecological interactions and the tools for onsite screen printing of the designs. We organize community art action events to spread critical environmental education and empower citizen artists to co-create with us.


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