about us

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Juniper harrower

Founder, owner, scientist and designer

Through a combination of field, lab, and studio research, Juniper studies the complexities of species interactions under climate change. As a PhD student in Environmental Studies at UC Santa Cruz, her research focuses on the interactions between Joshua trees, their soil fungi, and moth pollinators in Joshua Tree National Park. For part of her doctoral work, she uses her ecological science findings to inspire many different art projects, including Seeking Symbiosis. Through this work she aims to better understand the form and function of the organisms she studies as well as to share with others the hidden beauty of these threatened species interactions. Contact Juniper!


Kathleen Deck

Project Manager

Kathleen is a Master of Fine Arts candidate at the University of California Santa Cruz. She is getting her graduate degree in Digital Art and New Media. She is interested in making art that finds solutions to complicated environmental issues at the intersection of art and ecology, climate and culture. 


Faylenn McDonough

Research and social media intern

Faylenn McDonough is a third year undergraduate Environmental Studies and Earth Science student at UC Santa Cruz and an intern for the Seeking Symbiosis project. Passionate about the ecology and conservation, Santa Cruz was the perfect fit. Her interests include marine biology, environmental policy, drawing, photography, and exploring nature. She looks forward to bringing her leadership, creativity, time management and teamwork skills to the Seeking Symbiosis project.